About Jack

This is my first time in Wellington – I’ve got limited time and I want to see everything I can! Te Papa’s in the Lonely Planet as one of the Top 10 things to do in New Zealand, so I should probably visit. English is my second language, so sometimes I struggle to understand everything I read or hear. I’m still pretty young and I love to travel and experience new things. I’m really into both nature and technology, and I like stuff that makes me think. I’m visiting New Zealand for the first time and I’m interested in finding out more about New Zealand culture and history, especially Māori culture – you’d call me a keen participant. I’m travelling alone and spend a lot of time keeping in contact with friends and family back home, usually through Skype, Facebook or SnapChat.


  • Very digitally literate
  • Heavy mobile user
  • Low engagement with Te Papa
  • Not invested in Te Papa
  • Reasonably literate (but English as a second language)
  • Has competing demands on digital attention
  • Needs content to be pushed
  • Expects low effort to engage

My needs

  • Practical information – what’s on, how to plan a visit
  • To quickly find relevant information – I doesn’t have time to navigate through the website
  • Information on Te Papa’s highlights – what should I definitely see?
  • To be convinced to visit Te Papa – is this how I should spend my time in Wellington?
  • To buy tickets
  • To find my way at the Museum
  • To find out more about that cool thing I saw in the Museum
  • To share photos from his trip with friends and family

My pain points

  • I find it difficult to find my way around Te Papa’s website
  • I’m frustrated by lack of clear “package” online – I need you to help me use my time at the Museum
  • I hate standing in line – missing the cool stuff ruins my day
  • Your website doesn’t make me want to visit the Museum – it’s a bit boring

Website must haves

If I use the Te Papa website it’s got to:

  • Show me the basic information I need – when, where and how
  • Work well on my mobile and tablet
  • Persuade me to visit – there are loads of other things to do in Wellington
  • Let me buy tickets so I can skip the queues

I want you to

  • Impress me
  • Entertain me
  • Inform me